Research ethics in qualitative health research: An interdisciplinary and international workshop


QualiEth is funded by the German Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF)

Grant number: 01GP2191

Duration: 2021 – 2023


Qualitative health research has gained relevance in recent years. The ethical review of qualitative heath research poses various ethical and practical challenges for qualitative researchers and members of ethics committees. Legal regulations and research ethical infrastructures differ from country to country, even if the fundamental ethical questions are the same. This workshop brings together early-career and senior scientists from three European countries and various disciplines for an exchange about the advantages and disadvantages of discipline- and country-specific interpretations and practices of ethical review. The focus will be on Germany, Norway and Sweden. The central question of the workshop is as follows: How can different discipline- and country-specific approaches to challenges in the ethical review of qualitative health research be constructively brought together?

The workshop aims to

  • interpret relevant research ethical principles with a view toward international research ethical guidelines, national discipline-specific ethical codes and the basic principles of qualitative social research,
  • analyze ethical review practices regarding different country-specific research ethical infrastructures and legal regulations,
  • identify research gaps around ethical review practices, and
  • develop recommendations for improvement of the ethical review process.