Prof. Dr. Dr. Vollmann on physician-assisted suicide

Physician-assisted suicide plays an important role in the current debate on ethical issues at the end of life. Prof. Dr. Dr. Jochen Vollmann has done extensive research on these and other questions concerning self-determination at the end of life and has repeatedly spoken out publicly. The following article contains a summary of the most recent public statements and contributions.

Prof. Dr. Dr. Vollmann in an interview with the Standard (Vienna) on 04/26/2021

Ban on the businesslike promotion of suicide unconstitutional. Prof. Dr. Dr. Vollmann on the decision of the Federal Constitutional Court in Deutschlandfunk Kultur “Studio 9” from 02/26/2020 (in German)

Prof. Dr. Dr. Vollmann in the article “Euthanasia verdict: How those affected react” in WDR5 “Morgenecho” from 02/26/2020 (in German)

Link to audio version (in German) (mp3)